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In the sixties and seventies this visionary artist's exquisitely detailed "scenes" served as the blueprint for what decades later todays high style fetish scene is based upon. REX served as the prophetic Art Director whose drawings showed ritualistically how to dress and evolve in the decades that followed right up to the present. REX was also unique in his time for crossing the Rubicon between sexual fantasy and sexual reality. When his labor-of-love began in the dark ages of homosexual persecution in the nineteen fifties no one could have imagined that one day his forbidden pornographic art would one day be exhibited in public for all to see - straight and gay. The other unique aspect of his art which made it so "original" was the inimitable quality of his virtuoso pen-and-ink technique which to this day leaves his contemporaries in the dust. His contribution to gay art is equal in both artistic originality and popularity to his only "rival" the legendary Tom of Finland. 

His technical tour de force combined with dark provocative images could in their time only be issued in self-printed portfolios circulated underground, and past from hand-to-hand thru the years around the globe. Because of the subversive and politically incorrect nature of his drawings, the artist never focused on money or celebrity, dedicating his talent instead to producing on paper meticulous "visions" of a world that today a half-century later we now take for granted. How many gay men today can trace theirfetish roots back to his original "visions" laid out on paper? 

It is time the gay and art worlds gives something back to this "forgotten" pioneer who devoted his lifetime to advancing thru his art the acceptance of gay lifestyles in elegant visions that could not be easily ignored by the "straight" art establishment. By honoring his accomplishments and buying a piece of his "oeuvre" it also offers you a rare opportunity to buy a genuine piece of "gay history", while demonstrating to the artist how respected a pioneer he now is in helping to bring both gay fetish and gay art to the prominence it holds today.


32 pages | 15€ + shipping