Guests, visiting the REX exhibition in Berlin this fall, might have to confront their inner philosophical conflict between “What is art and what is pornography?” Don't both come together at a certain point? There are countless erotic images and sculptures in the world of art. But in his unambiguous and explicit joining of the two thru desire, REX has combined both. In his defiant roles as outsider, misfit and loose canon of the art world, REX has become a style-setting icon of both worlds--art and pornography. Always in our midst, yet somehow not among us, REX captured an alternative mindset that defied the social norms, moral standards and arbitrarily restrictive laws of both Church and State in his time. Who would have thought these images from the dark side of life would morph nearly a half-century later into an international kink community.

That by portraying the Fantasies of a few special men his art would one day act as the impetus for a world-wide brotherhood of sexually liberated and open-minded men. The mission of SERVICEWERK is to provide space for the marginalized, voice to the unspeakable and to make the impossible possible. REX has proven time and again that his "repulsive" imagery were ahead of their time. Who loves and buys REX today, is “one step ahead” of the art world status quo. This Berlin exhibition will show what for decades has scared galleries and publishers alike. This work is one man's brave mission of freedom of expression. Many visitors will remain unusually contemplative after meeting this "hidden" art for the first time and learning about the artist REX.

If you want to hear more about the man, who never followed common standards, but always his inner visions by participating and experiencing that other dark side of life is invited to our little lecture on 15th September* at 8 pm: Freedom of art and expression cut through the borders of society, religion, politics and moral standards that dictate our personal lives.